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Hiliary Houser

Posted on: 01/26/2016

Unexpected changes can be hard to adapt to, especially when it involves your health. With a shift in her husband’s occupation, Hiliary Houser realized her insurance coverage would change the facilities where she would be able to seek care. She was determined to keep Dr. Juliet Leman at Women’s Care of Colorado as her OB/GYN physician because of the genuine care she received.

While gynecology appointments can often be overwhelming, Hiliary was put at ease by Dr. Leman’s calm demeanor and genuine care. She felt like she was talking to a friend rather than a caregiver and was comfortable asking questions and being open about her concerns. Having built this trusting relationship with Dr. Leman, Hiliary wouldn’t see anyone else for her obstetric care upon finding out she was pregnant two years later. She appreciated Dr. Leman’s insightful advice and commitment to being available and easy to get a hold of. Dr. Leman even came in on her day off to deliver Hiliary’s son, Emerson.

“Dr. Leman is really great. She is humble, relatable and down to earth. I would follow her anywhere for care,” Hiliary shares.
Posted on: 01/26/2016

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