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Cheryl Dolan

Posted on: 12/03/2015

Being a doctor calls for more than just knowledge and experience; it requires and care and understanding. Cheryl Dolan can attest to this first hand having seen many doctors for various health conditions and surgeries. She found both expertise and support in Dr. Juliet Leman.

“She’s the only doctor I have been to that I feel like I can share anything with. I never feel like I am an inconvenience to her.”

Cheryl wishes that Dr. Leman could be her physician for all things and strongly recommends her to all women, including her younger daughter. Dr. Leman’s friendliness and enthusiasm make her someone that Cheryl feels she could genuinely spend time laughing with and also sharing honest and personal matters. Being able to confide in a doctor brings both comfort and relief, both of which Cheryl has been grateful to find in Dr. Leman.

Posted on: 12/03/2015

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