• Danielle Rahman


    Feeling uneasy with her initial physician, Danielle was looking for a doctor that could provide consistent and sound advice during her pregnancy. Working as an administrative assistant at SkyRidge Medical Center, Danielle found Dr. Juliet Leman.

  • Hiliary Houser


    Unexpected changes can be hard to adapt to, especially when it involves your health. With a shift in her husband’s occupation, Hiliary Houser realized her insurance coverage would change the facilities where she would be able to seek care. She was determined to keep Dr. Juliet Leman at Women’s Care of Colorado as her OB/GYN physician because of the genuine care she received.

  • Laura Ballard


    Twins can be a handful for anyone. Luckily, Laura Ballard found Dr. Juliet Leman of Women’s Care of Colorado to help ease the load.

  • Cheryl Dolan


    Cheryl Dolan can attest to this first hand having seen many doctors for various health conditions and surgeries. She found both expertise and support in Dr. Juliet Leman.

  • Sarah Kellner


    When Sarah was pregnant with her son, she received some troubling test results. Dr. Lane called her directly to discuss the next steps and had already made an appointment with a specialist for the next day.

  • Lesli O'Keef


    In July 2001, Lesli had just moved to Colorado from Chicago when she found out that she was pregnant. Not knowing many people in the area, she asked her neighbor for an OB recommendation and was referred to Dr. Lara Lane.

  • Rebecca Gillis


    Rebecca Gillis initially met Dr. Lara Lane while working under her as a medical assistant at Consultants in OBGYN. When Rebecca became pregnant, there was no doubt of who she would trust to deliver her child, regardless of where she was practicing.